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Serendipity: the choir has continued to enjoy performing at venues for near capacity audiences since its formation in February 2008.

We are consistently receiving wonderful feedback from our audiences which continues to encourage us to provide the excellent standard of performance for which we are known. Read what Serendipity audience members have to say about our concerts ...


If you would like to send us a comment that we can add to our Praise for Serendipity page, please send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.';document.getElementById('cloak19c32ca2ad67f1681a4e62cfb0e77dbd').innerHTML += ''+addy_text19c32ca2ad67f1681a4e62cfb0e77dbd+'';


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 Comments about 'Come Celebrate' Concert 2014

....."the concert was marvellous and uplifting."

'It’s not just hearing a choir sing. It’s an entertainment, a performance from beginning to end. By a street the best thing in the Highlands'

'I really loved your concert last Saturday - thank you for inviting any of the audience to join in the Hallelujah Chorus, the encore. I had tears streaming down my face - couldn't believe my lung capacity had improved (since surgery) so much!'

'Of all the wonderful programmes you have presented this one is my favourite.'

'It was so beautiful I was reduced to tears, several times.'

'Many thanks for such a lovely concert tonight. The voices came through with such surety and with so much enjoyment and enthusiasm.'

I wanted to put pen to paper after the wonderful performances by Serendipity:the choir, by you, on Saturday May 24th.

The program with Community Kids was very special. I could see you had given much thought to a number of things that ensured a great link with the children in attendance and I hope you could see in their faces and in their participation how much they enjoyed the concert, how much they enjoyed themselves. Anything in the performance area with children is almost sure to include surprises, rewards and challenges and they were all there but it all worked beautifully. You most likely weren’t able to see one lad when Kerith invited the children to join you in performance, who after a little time ‘singing’ decided to mirror Kerith’s conducting with great gusto. I hope there’ll be more occasions like this for our village and for the children in our village. I heard genuine appreciation from adults nearby and watched a number of children who didn’t venture too close to the front, nevertheless sit motionless and engaged. Congratulations to you all.

The big people’s concert a little later on was wonderful. Again, attention to detail brought together a rich variety of performance and the concert was more than beautiful singing. I heard comment “wasn’t that wonderful, they just get better and better”.

Christine Miller
BCA President

What a wonderful evening. The program was certainly varied. For someone who professes not to know much popular music, you’ve certainly stretched your wings Kerith. I loved hearing the few things we’d sung previously, the familiar pieces, and material that I didn’t know at all. And the magician was great fun. As always, Greg’s notes were most informative, and the Dido and Aeneas piece – enlightening. What a strong opening, and closing number. 'Les Mis' was very moving. I was glad that wasn’t the encore. Might have brought me undone.

KP - Bundanoon audience member at 'Believe It Or Not' concert 24 May 2014

Thank you Karen and Christine and whoever else was involved for that fabulous choir performance. I love our go-getting town that organises such fantastic things for our kids. Greatly appreciate your efforts xx

President of Friends of Bundanoon Pre-School at 'Believe It Or Not' concert 24 May 2014

Congratulations to Serendipity: the choir for such an awesome concert!! You are all so talented and have the voices of angels!

Helen D
Bundanoon audience member at 'Believe It Or Not' concert 24 May 2014
I would like you and Ann know how much my friends and I enjoyed the performance of Serendipity: the choir last Saturday.  There is nothing else quite like it in the Southern Highlands!!!  We look forward to every performance. Thank you all.

Bowral audience member at 'Believe It Or Not' concert 17 May 2014

I'd like you to know how much joy I felt during and after your concert on Saturday in Bowral. Sitting near the front and at a good angle to make the most of the sound, I enjoyed myself very much as did my friends sitting with me! Everything about the afternoon was fabulous - and I know many have been singing the praises of your Team and you:))

To top it off, I had studied Dido and Aeneas in Music for the Leaving Certificate; I knew every word and was busting to join in the singing!!! It was beautifully reproduced!

With sincere thanks,

Bowral audience member at 'Believe It Or Not' concert 17 May 2014

 Just wanted to reiterate how wonderful the performance was this afternoon. I was transported  .............. had a laugh, had a cry and at times............ almost forgot to breathe. The harmonies, the voices, the arrangements, the spaces, the stops   ........... each note crystal clear. The choir sounds wonderful. All power to the performers and especially Kerith and Nicole. What a lovely thing to go to on an Autumn afternoon. More people should be there to appreciate its very special qualities.

Camilla Williams

Bowral audience member, 'It Takes Two' concert

Thank you and the Team for providing such a wonderful afternoon of good music. It lifted my spirits. We are so fortunate in this community to hear what you develop.  [V.A.]

I couldn't believe the preciseness of the rests, cut-offs and finishes.  [B.C.]

This choir just keeps getting better and better – quite amazing.   [P.H.]

Bowral audience members at 'It Takes Two' concert 5 May 2012

'It was just perfect'
'Wonderful choice of items, really varied and completely enjoyable.'
Bowral audience members at 'Night and Day' concert 10 December 2011

It was such a delightful experience and we came away feeling lighthearted and happy. All those smiling faces in the choir and they seemed to be completely at one with you. I particularly liked 'Night and Day'. I don't think I'll ever play the Fred Astaire version again ... it was all quite wonderful.

J and A

A chorister asked a younger audience member how he thought we could improve. He thought for a while then shook his head - 'Nup - I thought it was all good - and I am being critical!'


We loved the Byrd and were amazed to hear it sung by a community choir. Ave Verum Corpus and Sing Joyfully were just fantastic.

2 gentlemen at Bundanoon 'Flights of Fancy' concert



A varied program, something for everyone

A very good audience despite the many musical offerings of recent and forthcoming weeks – shows loyalty

Some really difficult pieces, showcasing the talents of the choir – and their director

I was moved to tears. I don't know how you could all sing so beautifully and unaccompanied!

Various audience members

The voices soared at Serendipity's concert at Bundanoon today [Flights of Fancy] - what a beautiful performance - the man sitting next to me said he had not heard such beautiful singing from a choir in many decades - well done.


It (Sing Noel Concert) was a splendid concert - the choir performed with more cohesion than previously and the diction was excellent as were the dynamics and expression. And Ann's contribution, as always, was par excellance.

Congratulations to you on a most enjoyable afternoon of music.


It was an absolute delight to sing a programme of beautiful, and unusual offerings. I've been singing Christmas music for about 60 years and at least half of the songs were new to me and thats quite an achievement. It was a special bonus to do arrangements by KAF and AC. You together have a genius for providing to an audience an experience that not only gives them "Ah" moments, but offers them different, rewarding moments of completely painless education. Long may it continue.

I've been to almost all your concerts, and enjoyed them all - Serendipity just gets better and better.
Elizabeth D - and daughter visiting from London

We didn't know what to expect, not having attended such a concert before...thought we might be bored ... but loved the whole programme! Interval came before we knew it, and when it was over, we would have liked more - so very glad we came.
Mandy & Nahria (from Sydney)



Dear members of Serendipity: the choir

Your performance yesterday ('Sing Noel' concert, 18 December) was absolutely wonderful! Taking a couple of hours out of the busy schedule this time of year brings, and having such beautiful music wash over me felt like pure luxury. You gave me true Christmas feelings with your lovely singing. Thank you so much for that. I will confess that 'Stille Nacht' had me in tears ... It was the most beautiful arrangement of that song I have ever heard. Thank you for singing it in German (the language I grew up with). Let me tell you, your pronunciation was perfect!! It brought many memories and a little bit of 'home' to me. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and safe 2011.


My wife and I attended your 'Shall We Dance' concert at Bundanoon. It was a professional and entertaining afternoon. Being in three choirs myself, I always find that each choir is different, in the fact that some are not as precise as they ought to be in the way they walk on and off, and open their music. Your choir was "spot on" with that, very disciplined. Perhaps the only item that could have been Jazzed up a little bit more, for the entertainment factor only, was the Can Can, where more movement from the "human orchestra" would enhance that number. More swaying, more "oom pa pa" with leg movements etc..
All up, you guys were great.
John Pronk BM


A wonderfully entertaining, enjoyable, musical, humourous concert. We really did enjoy it immensely.



Just wanted to thank you so much for a wonderful 'Shall We Dance' concert last Saturday - I really enjoyed it. The whole atmosphere was very up-beat and joyful, and I particularly liked the men's Elizabethan pub re-creation and the Can-can skatting - just lovely.


Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the Serendipity concert on Saturday.
Two things I noted:
I tried very hard to see if I could hear individual voices in each part, but could not. You were so together that it was virtually one voice.
Second, watching you all, I was reminded of the recipe for musical success I heard some years ago: "ice in the head and fire in the heart". You had both!

Graeme S

Congratulations on your wonderful choir.



Loved your concert yesterday (Times Past) ... thank you!!!



I would like to thank you and the Serendipity singers for your performance at Crookwell on Saturday last. It was really what we needed and many members came up to me on the Sunday full of praise for your efforts. The varied program was most entertaining.

I hope you will be able to perform for us next year.

Best Wishes,

David Liell and the Members of Sydney U3A

Thank you for a 6 star celestial performance. You and your choir’s precision are light years ahead. The variety brought tears, laughter and pure joy.

You and the choristers looked angelic and the outfits were beautiful. Thanks again.



Heavenly Bodies Concert at Bowral Uniting Church on 5 December.

Was a joy. Refreshing and original arrangements ensured a pleasant listening experience. In part, I was moved to tears by the sublime angelic harmonies in 'Cavatina: He Was Beautiful'.



Thank you for the wonderful programme at the 'Heavenly Bodies' concert. I found it most uplifting; wonderful, wonderful!



It was just SO lovely – a beautiful concert



A really great concert today. Congratulations. A fine performance - the result of much hard work and rehearsals.



Wow! THAT is good!



Thank you for a wonderful feast of singing today at the 'Heavenly Bodies' Serendipity concert. It was great.

Pat and Brian


Loved the concert. Really, really great work. Great choices, great voices. Most enjoyable. Your entrance was really exciting. Every time I hear you I want to sing.


I couldn’t wait to get home to tell you how beautiful the 'Heavenly Bodies' concert was this afternoon. I really enjoyed it, thank you……I would go again next week if I could.


Thank you so much to you and the choir for an excellent performance at our function. The choir was the highlight of the night and many people were very complimentary about your performance.

It is nice to know that we have such wonderful talent in our southern highlands.

Once again, thank you and I look forward to seeing you at perhaps another function of Warrigal Care.


Your Serendipity website is so attractive and user-friendly. As editor of a jewellery industry journal, I know just how much work goes into any publication, and how much one relies on support from like-minded enthusiasts for content. I'll be a regular visitor to the site - not just because of my friendship with Kerith and Ann, plus my interest in choral music, but because you have made this such an interesting site.

Thank you, Rex


I came, I saw, I enjoyed! It is an excellent site. I like the outfits the singers wear - very well designed. All up a great site.

love, Gabrielle


I had the pleasure of being in the audience for the 'Great American Songbook' performance and enjoyed it so much I felt the need to let you all know. It was a wonderful selection of songs performed with style and a sense of fun. Your delightful outfits, your joy in performing and the great display of pizazz was obviously enjoyed by the audience and definitely enjoyed by me. Many thanks for your commitment to the choir and our community.

Warm regards


Thanks Kerith, really enjoyed Serendipity on Saturday, the whole performance was just great and its fantastic that you are getting return engagements - a just reward for all the hard work of yourself and Ann. It was great to be at your rehearsal and it is not hard to see why Serendipity is so successful because the whole atmosphere within the choir and yourself was a happy one which is essential to a great performance and to audience acceptance.


Our afternoon with Serendipity was a resounding success. Once again thank you very much for a wonderful afternoon of music.

Waratah Retirement Village, Bargo


All I have heard from our residents is: 'Wonderful, terrific, WOW, When are they coming again?, fantastic, loved the choice of ‘Journey' songs, great selection of music, Can we do this sort of thing more often here in the village? Didn't they all look fantastic, loved the ladies outfits.'

Kerith's talks and remarks between items made the presentation very, very enjoyable.

Waratah Retirement Village, Bargo

'You all looked so professional when you came on stage. The men were wearing dinner suits and the women were dressed in formal attire. Just fabulous!'

'I was expecting you to be dressed in jeans, but I was taken by surprise. Your singing was just wonderful and we hope you come back again!'

Residents' comments
Waratah Retirement Village, Bargo

'You were bloody terrific!'

Anonymous gentleman
Waratah Retirement Village, Bargo


What a lovely concert once again. It truly was an emotional journey. I either had tears in my eyes or was grinning madly. Congratulations on the stage decoration. It was so evocative and well done. I heard another audience member say, 'Somebody's got a good imagination!' Well done Serendipity, yet again!

Joanne and Mike

Terry and I were transported by the wonders and beauty of'Journeys'last Saturday. Magnificent music, voices and harmonies - this is a delightful gift you all give to our community.

I did want to put in writing my thanks to you both for the huge effort you put into making 'Journeys' such a success. My various friends who came were delighted, and one made special mention of how much we've developed since the first concert she attended in 2007.

Regards, Erica

Thought you'd like to know that a cousin and his wife, who was in the Philharmonia in the 80s' & 90's, thought that Saturday's concert was fantastic in terms of the range of music and the quality, and that I am 'lucky to be in such a group'. If they lived nearer that Albion Park I think she'd be knocking on your door to join.
I'd been nervous about inviting them, as they are always very ready with constructive criticism, so the outcome was particularly good.

Cheers, Graham

Sunday's concert was the most beautiful gift to anyone lucky enough to be in the audience. The contribution that you and Ann have made to those in the choir and those who see and hear them perform is simply joyful. How lucky I am to have sat, with warm toes, (I liked that bit too,) and been totally absorbed by the feast offered. Super directorship and you were right; Ann is extraordinary with her accompaniment.
Best wishes for the preparations for your journey.



I was among the audience for your inaugural concert yesterday at Bundanoon. What a triumphant! Congratulations on the result of what must mean lots of hard work. I look forward to more happy times as you entertain the community. Loved the ladies' jackets. Where can one find the pattern!!! Kindest regards

Judith Harrington



Thank you, thank you, for giving us such a wonderful musical experience yesterday! It's the first time John has come with me and, despite feeling a little tired (due to chemo), he thought you were simply fantastic!

love, Virginia xx

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Next Performances

The next performance of Serendipity is a "Time Travel..." themed repertoire. More details soon!

But here are the important performance dates for your diary:

Friday 25 May, 2018 - 6.00pm - Bundanoon Memorial Hall

Saturday 26 May, 2018 - 3.00pm - Bundanoon Memorial Hall

Saturday 02 June, 2018 - 3.00pm - Bowral Uniting Church Hall

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